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Glory at W. 57th and Seventh

Carnegie Hall, where I spend much of my time as a critic, never looked so good. This was June 4. Performing was Silvio Rodríguez, an official artist of the Cuban dictatorship. All such dictatorships have official artists: Alicia Alonso is another one of the Castros’. You can pick your favorites from Germany, Russia, China, and elsewhere. Anyway, why did Carnegie Hall look so good? Because Geandy Pavón struck again. He’s the Cuban-American artist who projects the face of Orlando Zapata Tamayo onto buildings in the Free World where Cuban officialdom holds sway: embassies, consulates, and so on. Zapata was the prisoner of conscience who died in February after an 83-day hunger strike. His death has galvanized opposition on the island, and moved the diaspora as well.

Want to see a picture of dear old Carnegie Hall, with Zapata’s face illuminated on it? There are a couple of photos in this blog. And I say, once more, to Pavón: Right on, keep going. It is beautiful, righteous, peaceful, piquant protest. And the dictatorship hates it.


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