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From a reader:


Recognizing it’s very difficult for conservatives to have an objective thought about the mainstream media, but please try to imagine the outcry if graphic pictures were shown of the mutilated “contractors” (can we stop calling them “contractors” since they don’t do home repair and call them “hired guns” for that is what they are!) in Falluja.

Mr. Goldberg, you know as well as anyone, if CBS showed the ghastly close-up photos and video of men hanging upside down burned beyond recognition, Rush, O’Leilly, Jonah and the rest of the cabal would have screamed about the insensitivity of the “liberal media.”

The simple fact is the prison abuse scandal is an important story that must be told in full. The American people need to know what is happening in Iraq in our name. Our national leadership volunteered this country for this war and we need to know where we stand so we can measure success or failure of this operation as we make a decision in November.

Anyone who tries to withhold information or skew this story either doesn’t trust the American people with the truth or has an agenda which includes protecting President Bush or both.

Thank you for your time.


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