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G’Night Folks

So sayeth a reader:


Much as I’d like to stay up with you kids and go through all the highs and lows, sadly I can’t.  Today I voted in Maryland.  Pretty much straight R.  Erlich and Steele deserve to win and I hope they do.  A lot of other candidates deserve to win, sadly some won’t.Tomorrow, I’ll go to work.  I have a new job that requires a lot more time and effort, but also pays better.  My life is looking up.  Better job, better income, more recognition, things great at home.  Stock market is up, retirement will likely come early and be very comfortable.  I credit Bush for a lot of good things, but mostly I credit the genius of the American system, gridlock.  No matter what happens tonight and tomorrow I know that more than likely DC will still be mired in an unmovable mass of inside the beltway crap that will keep everything largely the way it is for the next few years.  God bless America.