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Go Aggies!

The president of Texas A&M has announced that he will recommend to its regents (who will vote today) that the school not use racial and ethnic preferences in its admission and scholarship policies. The proposed policy is not perfect – the school will still be color-conscious in its recruiting – but this is still very welcome news indeed. Other schools in Texas have signaled that they will be moving back to using preferences, now that the Supreme Court has given such discrimination a tentative okay, but perhaps the Aggies’ willingness to break with political correctness will inspire them to do likewise. A&M, Texas Tech, the University of Texas, and Rice have all been under pressure from the Center for Equal Opportunity not to reinstate preferences, by the way. A&M is hardly alone in its policy: Public universities in California, Washington, and Florida are prohibited by state law from using preferences, as were schools in a number of other states prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling this summer; indeed, the proponents of preferences are fond of pointing out that the vast majority of colleges in the U.S. do not use them.


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