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Go Dem, Old Party

My trial balloon column has taken a lot of fire this morning, but not as much as I would have thought. Herewith a smattering of the overnight feedback:

Dear Jonah:

Are you sending postcards from your trip to the same place that Peggy Noonan visited when she lost her mind, please let us know!

The base is just waiting for McCain to pick a Dem so they can truly sit home. The pick is Romney and, as your publication chose him long ago, waaay to far in advance, I am quite surprised to read this rubbish you have written today about picking Nunn.

Please let us know if you come back to your senses.



Jonah,   So it’s come to this.  My favorite NR writer is advancing favorably adding a Democrat to the McCain ticket to try to squeek out a win.  As much as an Obama/Clinton presidency loosens my bowels, it may be the only salvation for a fractured Republican party, and a conservative movement that keeps circling the drain like a resilient turd.  I believe the best thing to rejuvenate conservatives, and to swing the Republican party back to the right, is a thorough trouncing in November and a national lurch leftward in the next two years.  Maybe that will awaken the masses to return a true conservative majority to the House or Senate, where battle can be done to reverse the trend.   Sending a squishily moderate McCain to Washington with a squishily liberal Democrat for vice president would not advance the boulder up the hill, and probably wouldn’t even hold it in place.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Jonah:  Keep the faith!   A friend,  



I’m usually in agreement with your observations, but should McCain pick a Democrat for VP, Barry will be selecting judges for the next 4 years.


Geez, it’s bad enough with all these RINO’s (including McCain) who are working overtime to stick a knife in what few conservative principles remain in the Republican party.  Now you want us hold our noses and vote a Republican ticket headed by TWO Democrats?  This is INSANITY!


Actually, I have to confess, as much as it pains me, that I’m seriously hoping that Hillary somehow manages to wrestle the nomination away from Barry so I can vote for her.  Disgusting, but true, she scares me the least of these 3 clowns who are all immensely UNQUALIFIED to lead this country.   This country is on the wrong track and it’s going to be that way for a while until the pain threshold gets to the point that people wake up and realize the Government is the Problem, not the Solution.  When that happens I don’t want a Republican leading the mess.

I originally thought I was going to hold my nose and vote for McCain due to the Iraq issue, but when he opened his mouth on the immigration issue a few weeks ago, it became apparent that he fully intends to implement his illegal alien amnesty plan.  The pledge he really needs to make if he wants a shot at winning the White House – Enforcement Only for the next 4 years.  This schick about the border Governors certifying when the border is secure is unadulterated horse manure, and the ‘Virtual Fence’ is a multi-billion dollar joke.  Both he and the Federal Government have zero credibility on this issue.  And quite frankly, if the Federal Government cannot fulfill its one legitimate purpose – securing our national sovereignty with a multi-trillion dollar budget, this country is going to fall apart.


I was prepared to be shocked, but you make a dam persuasive case— especially if he takes the one term pledge.


Bang on!!   Exactly right, I’ve been saying this for about a month, great to see a smart conservative get the point about a Dem VP clearing the field for the nomination in four or even eight years.   Well done!

Me: I confess there are more like the first two than the second two, but the mix is richer than I would have predicted. 


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