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Go Home to Momma

Ruben Navarette, certainly no restrictionist, offers an interesting moral rationale for why illegal aliens should pack up and return home:

In many Mexican villages, all you find are older people — many of them now working harder to earn a few extra pesos to send to children in the United States. This is, at best, a temporary solution. Folks on both sides of the border are treading water and trying to buy enough time for the U.S. economy to bounce back and for the jobs to return. At that point, they hope things will go back to the way they used to be — money flowing south.

But until that happens, why remain here? For pride? For hubris? To avoid accepting failure? For that, they’re allowing their elderly parents — many of whom have worked their entire lives — to continue to work long hours, perhaps putting their own health in jeopardy? What if something happens to them in the process? It’s not worth it. Life is short enough as it is.

If the immigrants who are in the United States can’t afford to live here, then remaining is a luxury they also can’t afford. They might not be better off at home. But their families might be. If so, time to go.