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Why, when put like this , it’s just so obvious: Gore is a shoe-in to be president of the United States! This guy Robert Elisberg (at HuffPo, so you’re warned) proves that Al Gore isn’t wooden by noting that various people have called him crazy. That’s about the strongest argument, except for constantly repeating that Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and asserting that there’s “no reason” to think he might get fewer votes than last time. Of course, he goes on to note that Gore has revived his “Earth in the Balance” schtick which Gore had kept under wraps in 2000 because a lot of people told him he’d lose votes if he didn’t. But that’s a quibble. Another quibble might be that if Gore ran he’d have more than just one primary opponent driving down his numbers. But that’s small beer too. The important point to remember is that his screaming is proof that he’s really not “wooden.” Never mind that some people aren’t reassured when tree-like beings suddenly start screaching like a banshee.

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