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Go Marines!

I had the pleasure and the honor to anticipate this year again on a panel here in New York City sponsored by and for the Marines about relations between the media and the military. The issue of bias came up again this year. I was the moderator so I didn’t have to get into it myself (last year I had a nasty clash with Dan Rather), but instead root for MSNBC’s Jerry Nachman, who said utterly commonsensical things about the “Upper West Side” culture of the media, prompting angry reactions from some of his fellow panelists. For many in the media, their objectivity is a matter of quasi-religious faith. Which is one of the reasons I say: thank God for Tim Graham and the Media Research Center. Anyway, it’s always a joy to be around the Marines (the only thing like it is speaking to a Young American Foundation audience or any audience in Texas). They gave me a Marines hat and t-shirt (“pain is weakness leaving the body”), and many NR fans in the audience had kind words. Special thanks to great patriot and wonderful guy Major Jerry Wiffler for inviting me. (I mention him every year because it gives him a thrill and make his little brother Dan insanely jealous…)


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