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The God That Needed Appeasing

For those of us who contend that Marxism is (primarily) just another millennial cult, here’s something that, well, on thinking about it proves nothing really, but it’s too good not to pass on.

Some background first. Raquel Rolnik, a U.N. “Special Rapporteur” (who knew?), has announced that the UK’s imminent “bedroom tax“ (a change to the welfare rules that reduces the amount of housing benefit payable to welfare recipients with, um, spare bedrooms) was an infringement on the human rights of those who would have to “pay” it.

This has not endeared her to the British Right.

Enter the Daily Mail:

Her lengthy CV lists countless qualifications, civic achievements, books and publications – but Raquel Rolnik makes no mention of dabbling in witchcraft. Yet the architect and urban planner appears to be an avid follower of Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion that originated during the slave trade.The academic, brought up a Marxist, actually offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx when she was studying for her Masters degree in architecture so ‘he would leave her alone’ to study in peace.

According to her elder sister Suely, a well-known Brazilian psychoanalyst and intellectual, Raquel had become ‘contaminated’ by other philosophies and offered the sacrifice to appease the German revolutionary socialist.

It seemed to work.


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