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The Gods (or At Least Bloggers) Must Be Crazy

A friend of mine called me last night and said, “You’re not going to believe this.” I said, “What now?” Here’s what: There is a website called “Gawker,” billed as purveying “Manhattan Media News and Gossip.” And it published this:

“Jay Nordlinger, for example, hated [Obama’s] speech because it was so mean to Bush, and therefore it was insulting to every white person who voted for Bush.” (The entire bit is here.)

Long, long ago, I left the Left, and the Democratic party, because these people were incredibly wrongheaded, malicious, and so on. They were particularly alarming on the subject of race: Race had seemed to addle their brains and curdle their souls. They couldn’t think straight on the subject.

But back in good old Ann Arbor town, they were all stoned. What’s the excuse now? I’m told that drugs are over, or at least greatly reduced. And if this is the way they think and talk sober . . .


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