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Gohmert on Holder: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Doing His Job’

A day after their heated exchange at a congressional hearing, Louie Gohmert is still calling on Eric Holder to work with Congress. Gohmert said the attorney general “seems like a likeable guy,” but that the tension stems from Holder’s failure to carry out his duties.

“It’s not personal — it’s a matter of proper oversight,” the Texas Republican said on Fox News on Wednesday. “I don’t think he’s doing his job, otherwise he would produce the documents that allow us to see that.”

On Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Gohmert and Holder butted heads after the congressman said Holder thought Congress’s 2012 vote to hold Holder in contempt for withholding documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious was “not a big deal to our attorney general.” Holder fired back, calling Gohmert’s assumption “unjust” and “inappropriate.”

With Democrats currently holding the Senate, Gohmert said he expected little will be done to pressure Holder to turn over the documents, but said that could change if Republicans win back the chamber this fall. For example, a Republican-controlled Congress could start defunding parts of the Department of Justice in an effort to force Holder to cooperate.

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