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Gohmert Threatens to Oust Boehner; King Says ‘Stupid, Inanimate Fence’ Not Enough

Representatives Louie Gohmert (R., Texas) and Steve King (R., Iowa) stood firm against the latest push for the Senate’s immigration-reform bill on Fox News last night. One of them even warned that John Boehner’s speakership could be at risk.

“I would consider something like that,” Gohmert said when asked if he would challenge Boehner for his speakership. He reminded Sean Hannity that he nominated Newt Gingrich for speaker last November and supported former Florida congressman Allen West in the past. King, on the other hand, said he wasn’t interested in the speakership.

While he believes Boehner will not bring an immigration bill to the House floor, Gohmert is worried that the speaker will bring to a vote a House Judiciary Committee report on immigration. “That’s a real concern,” Gohmert said.

King criticized the bill’s supporters for their ineffectiveness on advancing sufficient border security measures, such as the Corker-Hoeven amendment in the Senate. He said that simply putting up a fence doesn’t do enough to address illegal immigration.

“A stupid, inanimate fence does not have prosecutorial discretion,” said the Iowa representative. “It will work whether the administration says not to detain or whether they let them detain.”


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