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This Is Going to be a Long Election Cycle, Continued

Ms. Lopez–

How dare you call Rudy Guiliani’s life “sordid.” That is the sort of disgraceful cheap shot that can only come from the most superficial of minds. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I must say, for a long time now I have viewed you as an embarrassment to NRO. Your shameless, relentless, and entirely uncritical support of Rick Santorum was a daily bore on The Corner. Then you moved on to Mitt Romney, with the same lack of serious thinking. And, while I am a Catholic myself, I find your shilling for various aspects of Church doctrine to be completely inappropriate to this forum. Please start your own blog and get out of The Corner, because you have become boring and boorish.

Rudy Guiliani has already proven himself to be an exemplary leader. He is certainly beyond any moral preening from the likes of you. And in the course of the campaign so far he has made several policy statements that I think can be comfortably embraced by many in the conservative community. Perhaps if you got out of your puritanical mind-set and listened to what he had to say–with an open mind, and with some long neglected seriousness–then you might understand why many other Republicans and conservatives have such a positive feeling about the man.

Methinks he missed a few of my pieces and posts, but I don’t think they’d matter much anyway.

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