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I’m posting this mostly because I like the word “throwback” and I’d to see it get more play. It’s so much more poetic than “reactionary” — and less Marxist. Anyway, from a reader:

I found it interesting that even a throwback like you had to admit that the temperature is rising and there may be some consequences. However, it was buried in an attack on poor old Al Gore who has no power at all to enforce his agenda on anyone. Reducing emissions by 60 % is not inconceivable and will not consign anyone to poverty–just the opposite. Some smart Chinese engineers (yes they graduate more than we do) will figure out how to do this and make billions in the process for the simple reason that being green and clean saves money. Any smart CEO knows this. But not to worry, you and Bush boy will continue to have your way on wrecking the earth because Americans are too fat, dumb and happy to stop you. Why last night I tried to get my liberal church board to join with the evangelicals who are going green. I could not even get them off their butts. Later.

Update Reader feedback:

Why did you even bother posting that moonbat’s “analysis” of your column?

Just to remind us of what would happen if the Democrats are put in charge?

Brilliant, Goldberg.

(If that’s what you were, in fact, doing…)



I love how your greenie correspondent argues that even though there are “billions” to be made in going green, conservatives, fat cat CEOs and “Bush boy” even set aside the rapacious lust for money to continue having oh so much fun destroying the earth.

It’s people like him/her who prove your longtime postulation that there are a lot of people out there you simply can’t talk to. If someone thinks we are so evil to subvert our own personal insatiability simply to destroy our children’s futures, why even bother? Call it the Michael Moore effect (no, not the one involving Kentucky Fried Chicken), where your enemies impute such irrational malevolence that hatred necessarily becomes a virtue, and compromise and moderation turn into collaborating with the devil.

The good news, I guess, is that the only people to make it out of Democratic primaries for a generation will be Deaniacs or feckless losers like John Kerry.

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