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Going to the Party

An e-mail:

Dear Kathryn,

My husband and I will be attending a Tea Party Protest today in Clayton, Mo (St. Louis).  We have been active since the founding of the St. Louis Tea Party, and are proud of our group which has led to national recognition of Dana Loesch (now seen on Fox News and a radio talk host), Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) among many others.  Last year the St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party was reportedly the fifth largest in the country.  Even before the TEA Party, we attended the first Gathering of Eagles in DC to protect our monuments against anti-war protesters.   We also attended the 9/12 protest in Washington DC.

Never before active in politics, the alarming turn of events since Obama took office has put us on the streets.  We are fighting for the America which allowed us to grow a business, raise three children, sell the business and retire.  This uniquely American opportunity is being taken away from our children and grandchildren and they are being left with a huge national debt.  Our liberties are disappearing by the day.  We cannot sit by and do nothing.

We have always paid more than our fair share of taxes (on time) and resent being told we have not paid enough.  We are active in our community and give generously to charity, I also volunteer at the local USO.  We have been called racists, homophobic,  and we have been told we just can’t handle a black president.  We have lost friends and aquaintances due to the issues the TEA Party has raised and we stand for….. It is worth it.  We will not be silenced or intimidated.

We fly our Gadsden flag proudly.

And equally importantly, we read National Review daily and subscribe to the magazine…..I couldn’t do without it!


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