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Going Where You’re Loved

Yesterday, I wrote about President Obama and the enthusiastic reception he received at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I said, “That’s great! He’s still got his mo-jo. Maybe he can raise an enthusiastic crowd in Ann Arbor and Berkeley too?”

A reader writes, “Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, it’s much easier to encourage enthusiasm for his policies among college kids who don’t work and don’t pay taxes than among folks who do work and do pay taxes. There aren’t many responsible adults who want to rely on the choices of 18-22 year olds.”

Little walk down Memory Lane — I remember something funny from the 1996 Republican primaries. Or maybe it was 1988. Not sure. Anyway, Bob Dole was in New Hampshire, campaigning. He was at a college — Dartmouth? He kept getting these hostile questions from left-wing students. After about four of those, he said, “Any Republicans here? Any future taxpayers?”

That kind of humor — barbed, dark — probably didn’t help him much. But, dang, I enjoyed it.


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