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Goldman vs. Enron

I was waiting for someone to make this point.

My only problem with the comparison is that I still have no idea what Bush had to do with Enron’s real misdeeds and, as far as I can tell, I have no idea what Obama has to do with Goldman’s alleged misdeeds. Indeed, the far more plausible scandal, near as I can tell, is that Obama is simply throwing Goldman under the bus out of political expediency. That bus must have incredibly tall wheels to fit all of those people.

Anyway, this is one of these classic binds conservatives find themselves in. Liberals make a completely hyped or bogus complaint about X. Then when Democrats do X or even XXXXX, conservatives have pretty unsatisfying choices for a response.  A) They can say nothing, other than to note the hypocrisy, or B) they can play the same shabby game Democrats play and sanctimoniously  take a position they really don’t hold, or C) they can attack the media’s obvious double standard. I suppose there’s also D) which would be both A and C or even E) all of the above. But none of these options is optimal.

And, in fairness, I think many principled liberals probably find themselves with similar frustrations when the situation is reversed. But it does seem to be a more common dilemma for the Right.

Update: From a reader:

If you look at the timelines, companies like Enron and Worldcom made billions for insiders during Clinton’s Presidency and were busted and sent to jail during Bush’s tenure. So blaming Bush for Enron etc. is even more of a lie than the normal lies we’re used to seeing from the left.


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