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Golf’s Man of Grace

In a Tiger Woods world, the quiet class of Tom Watson stands out. Last summer, the 60 year-old with the metronomic swing almost won the British Open at Turnberry. He sat down with Charlie Rose on Tuesday to chat about his career.

A side note: Watson’s caddie is Neil Oxman, a Democratic political consultant in Pennsylvania. He managed Wilson Goode’s 1983 mayoral run in Philadelphia and later became Ed Rendell’s media strategist. This year, “the Ox” is working for Rep. Joe Sestak’s upstart primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter (D., Pa.). Watson, for his part, is a conservative. He listens to Rush, has joked about President Obama’s Nobel prize, and told the Times of London last year that he’s a “great believer in the truism that, if you are not liberal when you are 19, there is something wrong with your heart, and that if you are not conservative when you are 40, then there is something wrong with your head.”

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