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Goliath at Work

Last Dartmouth post of the day, I promise.  From a Dartmouth alum who just received the push-poll advocating the new, undemocratic alumni constitution:

I received an interesting phone call this morning…. from [a person who] wanted me to vote for Amendment 1 [on the ballot, the proposed constitution appears as “amendment one”].

She read directly from…[a] script on what it would do and why it 

was important.

I told her that I am a very busy person and have been totally out of 

touch with everything.

She referred me to the web site to read it.  I told her I was very  busy, so I wondered if Amendment was was very long.  She assured me  that it was a very short amendment and would not take any time to read [actually, the proposed alumni constitution runs to more than 7,000 words, making it longer than the U.S. Constitution plus the Bill of Rights].

I asked her if there were any other amendments.  she said yes but did  not know what they were and could not tell me how to vote on them.  [The four other amendments that appear on the ballot would simply bring the current constitution, which has served Dartmouth for decades, up to date.  Each is simple, straightforward, and in plain language.  One of the four amendments consists of two sentences.  The other three consist of just one sentence each.]

I asked her what class she was and she told me that she did not go to Dartmouth but that this was her job.  I asked her who she worked for and she told me that she worked for Dartmouth College.  I asked her  where she was calling from and she told me it was a call center.  I asked her where the call center was, and she told me that she was not  permitted to reveal its location.

You can have an intellectual argument on both sides of this issue, but this is truly just offensive and too much.


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