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We arrived in Jackson Hole this evening and immediately went out to dinner. Relying on the internet and hoping to give our daughter a good time, we went to some place called the Mangy Moose. Other than the lousy service, long wait and truly mediocre food it was a great place.

Anyway, a bunch of readers want to know why nobody around here has mentioned the Gonzales story. I assure you it’s not a policy or conspiracy of any sort. Or if it was I didn’t get the memo. As for my own take on the story, I’m not sure what to make of it. But my longstanding position is that the only possible defense of Gonzales against charges of villainy is rank incompetence. I’ve wanted to see him go for a very long time. So, while I very much doubt that Schumer-esque conspiracies have that much weight, I think Gonzales has long, long, long outserved whatever usefulness he might once have had. And — hey — maybe he actually did perjure himself. 

Jonah Goldberg — Jonah Goldberg is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a senior editor of National Review. His new book, The Suicide of The West, will be released on April 24.

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