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Good Border News

The presidential candidates succeeded in sweeping the immigration issue under the rug, but the returns from Congress are good news. Looking at the grades from Americans for Better Immigration (a low-immigration, pro-law-enforcement group) it looks like January will find a House and Senate more favorable toward immigration control. In all of the notable races, the winner is as good or better than his predecessor. In Texas, Pete Sessions (A+) stays and Martin Frost (D-) goes. Republicans kept the Oklahoma Senate seat, but traded Don Nickles (D+) for Tom Coburn (B+, based on his former tenure in the House). North Carolina traded up, replacing John Edwards (D) with Richard Burr (B). Thune wasn’t very good on immigration while in the House (C+), but if he wins, he’d replace Daschle’s D-. DeMint (B), Isakson (B-), and Vitter (B) (I hope) all replace senators with comparable grades, while Campbell (D+), Fitzgerald (D+), and Graham (F) were so bad, their replacements can’t be much worse. And on the state level, the Arizona anti-illegal-immigration initiative requiring proof of eligibility to vote or receive state services has won handily.


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