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A Good Day for Donald Trump, a Bad Day for Kelli Ward

Jeff Flake’s decision not to run shows the power of President Trump in Republican politics at the moment. Trump fixed Flake in his sights and basically chased him from the senate. Flake did himself no favors by writing his anti-Trump book; it seemed pretty obvious that his options were either to excoriate the president on the printed page or have a fighting chance to win a tough primary, and for whatever reason, he chose the former. I admire his candor, but I would think if you are a working politician like Flake, being a little more prudent and doing everything possible to stay in the Senate would be the better option. Be that as it may, this now scrambles the primary and makes it more likely that impressive candidates run who have a much better chance at beating Kelli Ward and going on to win the general election get into the race. Ward can spike the football today, but her path to a primary victory almost certainly just got more complicated and difficult.


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