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A Good Day for Life

In just a few minutes I’ll be speaking to several hundred pro-life women at a luncheon for the Pregnancy Center East in Cincinnati, Ohio. I think that’s a great way to celebrate last night’s win for pro-life women. From Joni Ernst in Iowa to Mia Love in Utah to Barbara Comstock in Virginia we saw demonstrated that pro-life is pro-woman. And the anti-life cabal lost when they tried their stale games on men too. Good morning, Majority Leader McConnell. Good morning, Senators Gardner and Tillis. Meanwhile, Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke return to private life and the Planned Parenthood speaking circuit. I await the announcement of Wendy’s new talk show on MSNBC. She¹ll keep talking about women and power, while the pro-life women here in Cincinnati — and in other pregnancy centers across the country — do the hard work of actually helping and empowering women in need.



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