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Good Deal

The window for joining us in Atlanta is rapidly closing, so let me make one last plea. If you join us, you are basically guaranteed to have a good time–people just don’t come away from these things disappointed. Something about that NR gemutlichkeit (maybe it’s just all the mis-matched clothes). But let’s ignore that for a moment. It’s important for us that these events be well-attended because, frankly (as Newt Gingrich used to say), we raise money from them. And NR/NRO always operates at a loss. It’s just the nature of the business. We’re not complaining. We always say we exist to make a point and not a profit. But to keep doing what we do, and–we hope–to keep improving, it takes resources, i.e. your support. So if you are in the Atlanta area and you are a NR/NRO devotee, please join us. You’ll enjoy yourself while supporting the cause. And what could be a better deal than that?


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