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Good Friday

From my syndicated column this week

On Good Friday, the culmination of the season that began with us going among coworkers and fellow commuters with those outward symbols of our sins — ashes on our foreheads — Christians reflect on our ignorance, on our bad witness, on our fallenness. And take comfort in the mercy of a God who knows us too well to condemn us because of our mistakes, as long as we are contrite, as long as we keep getting up to walk with Him — and helping one another do the same.

From the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’s Death on a Friday Afternoon: Meditations on the Last Words of Jesus Christ today:

We…know how the story turns out, yet we neither rush to Easter nor, when we come to Easter, do we put Good Friday behind us as though it were a nightmare past. The risen Christ, and indeed Christ returning in glory to judge the living and the dead, is always the crucified Christ who bears the scars. It is finished but it is not over. The reality of salvation is definitively settled, but history continues to be cruciform, a way of the cross for pilgrims headed home. Salvation is “now” and “not yet”; it is a matter of certitude and a matter of seeing in a mirror dimly; it is a present possession and a hope to be worked out with fear and trembling.

An old NR piece on the Shroud of Turin.

A Q&A on the last words of Christ.

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And be sure to read Rich on Of Gods and Men!

Have a blessed day. 

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