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The Mark Levin Show in 40 Markets in Just Four Months

NEW YORK, NY (June 27, 2006) – ABC Radio Networks today announced that The Mark Levin Show has added seven major new affiliates, making it the fastest growing syndicated Talk show currently on the air. Levin is taking Florida by storm and will soon to be heard on major Clear Channel-owned stations WFLA-AM Tampa and WIOD-AM Miami. In addition, The Mark Levin Show has just added Emmis Communications’ 50,000-watt WIBC-AM Indianapolis. The program has also picked up leading News/Talk stations KFMB-AM San Diego, WCBM-AM Baltimore, KNSS-AM Wichita and WSYR-AM Syracuse, demonstrating Levin’s tremendous progress in building his show for ABC Radio Networks. 

“The growth of the Mark Levin Show has simply been amazing,” said John Rosso, Senior Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Business Administration for ABC Radio Networks. “He has a natural connection with listeners and affiliates which is reflected in the amazing growth of the show. We’re adding major affiliates almost every week. Like Sean Hannity before him, Mark Levin is reshaping the Talk radio landscape.”

Levin began his radio career in 2002 on WABC-AM with a Sunday broadcast. WABC-AM moved him to 6 PM in September 2003, where Levin quickly established his show as No. 1 in its time slot on the AM band. In September 2005, Levin’s show was picked up by WBAP-AM Dallas, and was syndicated by ABC Radio Networks in February 2006. Levin’s book Men in Black, about the Supreme Court, hit No. 4 on The New York Times best sellers list in February 2005, and remained on the best sellers list for 10 straight weeks. 

“Not only is Mark taking Florida faster than Ponce De Leon, he is taking the whole country by storm, from coast to coast,” said Phil Boyce, Program Director for WABC-AM New York, who manages the show for ABC Radio Networks. “When you can score in New York, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis and Tampa, you know this is not just a regional phenomenon. We knew Mark could score in the Northeast after he beat Savage for 10 straight books here on WABC.  Now the rest of the country is seeing how good this guy can be.”

The Mark Levin Show is carried by the following broadcasting companies: ABC Radio Networks, Clear Channel Communications, Emmis Communications, Journal Communications, Inc., Citadel Broadcasting Corp., Entercom, Twin Towers, Mangione, Pamplin Communications Corp., Cherry Creek Radio LLC, Midwest Television Inc., Meridian Broadcasting, Wheeler Broadcasting Co., WDNG Inc., Sea-Comm, Inc., Spokane TV Inc., Forum Communications, American General Media Inc., Muzzy Broadcasting, KMBQ Corp. and other companies.   

The Mark Levin Show airs live Monday through Friday, 6 PM to 8 PM (ET) on ABC Radio Networks. 

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