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Good Night, But First …

Governor Romney showed some of the passion Tuesday night I think people have been hoping to see.  And smart to even get a little legitimately testy with a smile. He took command of the stage on more than one occasion.

He also had to further defend his health-care plan and made some headway.

And he may have benefitted from some low blows and pettiness along the way. (Perry on the lawn issue was low. Gingrich mandate issue was petty.)

Santorum once again reminds you why you want him on your team. He knows a little something about fundamentals.

Cain remains likable but how many more debates can we begin with a focus on 9-9-9? Bachmann seems to be fading, and knowing it.

This was Huntsman’s best debate yet.

Moderating-wise: It was great TV in the way an eighth grade taking over the classroom might be.