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Good Points (Not Mine)

A reader writes, “Don’t overthink it. She absolutely kills. No wonder Democrats curse Republicans as evil geniuses.”

And, to go along with that note, another one (from a lady): “I’m not a feminist, and in fact think most of them are nuts. That said, when Governor Palin walked onto the stage, I teared up. I was surprised by my reaction. I think that’s the reason Governor Palin is up there.”

Another: “I have never been more energized by a national Republican candidate in my life.”

Finally, a rather less lofty point. I said that this year’s tickets included people from Alaska and Hawaii, the 49th and 50th states. Several readers have written to say, “Don’t forget the 48th — where McCain is from.” And they add: “Besides which, Biden’s from the first state!”

An extreme year, where such numbers are concerned . . .


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