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Good Poll News For Bush

USA Today leads with Bush’s gains in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where he’s taken the lead over John Kerry. The Bush lead might be wafer thin, and the fact that Bush and Kerry are tied in Florida is not good, but the best part of this new poll is the coverage USA Today is getting. It feeds the notion that Bush is gaining momentum, picking up steam even BEFORE the convention kicks in.

In fact, several of my liberal friends in New York tell me that among some ardent Kerry supporters, a feeling of inevitable doom is spreading. They are resigned to the idea that Kerry is either going to screw it up or Bush’s evil puppetmasters already have an October surprise in their pocket.

All I can say is “From your lips to God’s ear.”

Michael Graham — Michael Graham was born in Los Angeles and raised in South Carolina. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, he worked as a stand-up comedian before beginning his political career as ...

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