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Good Question

From a reader:

Why aren’t you folks blogging on the NYT Judith Miller story this am about the Iraqi scientist who showed US troops wmd precursor material, told the US that Iraq had shipped wmd to Syria, coordinated with al Qaeda and focused on research and development that would be impervious to an inspections regime? The Times headline – focusing on the fact that the weapons might have been destroyed 6 days before the war – obscures the key elements of its own story: that the smoking gun was there, inspections couldn’t find it, the war forced it to be destroyed, and all the allegations that BushRumsfeldCheneyPowellRiceBlair have made (on Iraq/al Qaeda, Iraq/Syria, etc.) were true.

Kathryn did link to it, and I’m crashing on a double-secret deadline, which is now only secret because I’ve mentioned it exists. What everyone else’s excuses might be is another matter.


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