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LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron reacts to a play against the Arkansas Razorbacks during the second half at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La., November 23, 2019. (Stephen Lew / USA TODAY Sports)

For your enjoyment — and mine — I’ve hosted a sports podcast, featuring three of my favorite gurus, and people: Sally Jenkins, of the Washington Post; David French, late of National Review, now with The Dispatch; and Vivek Dave, “the corporate high-flyer in Chicago,” as I call him. Each is exceptionally warm and engaging. And each is stunningly knowledgeable.

We talk about football, college and pro. The college championship is coming up. What about that? The NFL playoffs are coming up. What about those? Is this the end of the line for the Belichick-Brady Patriots? Don’t count them out?

We talk about basketball, college and pro. David is no fan of college basketball, and explains why. The other gurus have interesting thoughts on the subject, too. NBA topics include James Harden, LeBron James, and the late David Stern. (I once moderated a panel that he was on. Memorable.) We talk about the influence of China. And we get into a little figure skating.

Figure skaters are phenomenal athletes, says Sally — and her late father, the legendary sportswriter Dan Jenkins, agreed. “It’s the most harrowing two-and-a-half to four minutes in all of sports,” says Sally. “You have to do the equivalent of gymnastics and land on a butcher knife.”

That leads to a discussion of “Which sport has the best athletes?”

I enjoyed listening to this podcast so much, as it was being recorded, I’m going to listen to it again, as a civilian, so to speak. Again, here.

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