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Good Thing Jack and Diane Aren’t Super-Delegates

John Mellencamp and his wife can’t make up their minds:

IF there’s any doubt about the influence Hollywood plays in this year’s presidential election, consider this: Within minutes of taking the stage in Indiana on Tuesday night, Sen. Barack Obama had an important announcement — singer John Mellencamp and his wife, model Elaine Irwin, had come up to join them.

“I want to thank John Mellencamp and his wonderful wife, Elaine, for taking time to be here today, driving up from Bloomington,” Obama told the crowd in Evansville, Ind. ” But there was just one problem: Mellencamp will also be attending an event for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on May 3; this time in Indianapolis. It seems the singer, who actively campaigned for Sen. John Edwards before he dropped out of the presidential race, is dividing his time between Obama and Clinton.


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