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Goodbye To All That

Okay a lot of  people continue to insist Sarah Palin’s Facebook map with some crosshairs on vulnerable districts amounts to incitement to murder, even though the exact same sort of map is fairly common currency among liberals and Democrats, too. And the connection between Palin’s map and the deranged murderer’s actions are nothing like proven, or even credible.

Well, let’s take them at their word.

Let us “hold our fire” and  talk no more of “campaigns.”

Let us ban the phrase “over the top” even when discussing over the top rhetoric.

Never again must we focus on “battleground states” or even cast our eyes on a “battleground” poll.

Goodbye ad “blitzes,”  “ad wars,” and “air wars” too. Politicians shouldn’t “fire when ready” or unready. And aides should never jump on even a figurative grenade.

This is the end of to union-launched “offensives” in the “trenches” and the demise of full-on “assaults.”

Let’s not discuss the “nuclear option,” and call an end to the “wars” on poverty and cancer. 

We must liberate ourselves from our “bunkers” and forget “defending our territory” electorally or metaphorically. Likewise, let us never speak again of opening a new “front” here, there or anywhere.

Purge from the history books Al Gore’s oath to “stand and fight” and John Kerry’s schmaltzy “reporting for duty.”

Alas, I cannot think of what to call this cessation in militaristic discourse, since none dare call it a “truce” or a “ceasefire.”


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