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Goodridge–Boston & Beyond

It is still not clear exactly what the Massachusetts legislature is going to do in response to the Goodridge decision. This article makes it clear that the governor and the legislature are highlighting the ambiguities of Goodridge in an effort to give themselves some wiggle room. That could set up a struggle between the legislature and the Court. Here’s another important article on the subject. The suggestion in both articles is that the legislature and governor may pass a civil unions law, rather than a marriage bill, and then see what the Court does in response. It also looks as though gay marriage opponents-–including the governor–-are going to fast track efforts to pass a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. There will be a constitutional convention in February. The legislature has already apparently been swamped with public calls for resistance to the court. Meanwhile, Goodridge has set off shock waves in Minnesota, where there is now a drive for an amendment to the state constitution that will put the issue beyond the reach of the courts.


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