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The GOP and Blacks

Freedom's Journal Magazine

While Michael Steele boomerangs, Cornerites should know that out Chicago way, Dr. Eric Wallace is trying to do something truly constructive to forge compatibility between Black America and the Grand Old Party. In his words: “to bridge the gap between the Republican Party and the black community and repair the perception of conservatives with African-Americans.” The founder and editor of Freedom’s Journal Magazine, a professionally done e-publication, the Good Doctor (we’re email buddies) describes his mission thusly: “By reaching out to conservatives of color, the magazine’s short-term goal is to rekindle allegiance with the conservative movement by highlighting the key issues and traditional values that unite us. Its long-term goal is nothing short of reviving our party’s outreach with a message that resonates with all conservative Americans.” This is an effort that deserves our attention, so I urge all to check out FJM. The link above takes you to a complete free recent issue. Click here to subscribe (and catch ten pages from the current issue, pictured above). And finally, there’s the FJM blog – it’s got lots of excellent content, and is worth a daily look-see.


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