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GOP Files FEC Complaint Against Kansas Dems For Helping Orman

The Kansas Republican party has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding Democratic involvement in independent Senate candidate Greg Orman’s campaign. The complaint comes after numerous reports that national and state-level Democrats, or groups associated with Democrats, have worked to help Orman, who’s threatening to unseat Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.

“Harry Reid and the Democrats may have succeeded in circumventing Kansas primary voters and handpicking Greg Orman as their candidate but election gimmicks have consequences,” Kansas Republican party director Clay Barker said in a statement. “One of them is that the Democratic party is not allowed to work on behalf of Orman’s campaign, which they are clearly doing by assisting with his ground-game efforts.”

Republicans allege that Democrats and the Orman campaign have failed to report Democrats’ in-kind contributions to the independent candidate, including carrying his signs at a Democratic party headquarters. Under FEC regulations, political parties are exempt from reporting such expenditures when done for their own party, but if Democrats are contribute to Orman, they would have to comply with the $5,000 limit under state and local requirements.

The Republican party asks that the FEC investigate the complaint immediately “to determine the full extent of this unreported activity and potential violations of federal law.”