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GOP Memo: Spending Bill Reverses Summer Border Crisis Deal

Conservative opponents of the $1.1 trillion spending package pending before the House are frustrated to find that it retreats from the negotiating position that Republicans staked out earlier this summer, when the House voted to address the border crisis.

“There’s no fix to the ’08 law,” Representative Steve King (R., Iowa) told National Review Online. King was referring to a 2008 anti-human trafficking law that, unintentionally, made it difficult to return the Central American children to their home countries.

When the influx of those children caused a crisis at the border during the summer, King and others in the House worked to pass a bill that provided President Obama with emergency supplemental funding, but only on the condition of changing that law. The CRomnibus pending before the House today provides more funding without that condition, according to a Republican memo.

“The House CR/Omnibus bill contains $2.5 billion in available funding for federal agencies to accommodate illegal immigrant minors, relatives and self-professed refugees streaming across the border and into the US, answering the president’s supplemental spending request from this last summer,” the memo says. “The language mirrors that  of Senator Mikulski’s bill that was defeated this summer and does not include the language the House adopted this summer to try to compel the repatriation of illegal border crossers as a condition of funding.  The Obama Administration continues to allow virtually all illegal immigrants minors and adults to remain in the US, relocating them into cities and towns across the country.”

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