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The Coming GOP Platform

I was contemplating the Republican platform, to be presented in Cleveland this summer. I hope the Republicans will have the courage of their convictions.

For instance, their nominee alleges that Ted Cruz’s dad has a connection to the Kennedy assassination. Will a President Trump prosecute him? There’s no statute of limitations on murder, is there? How about presidential assassination?

During the campaign, Cruz pledged to prosecute Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts. I’m not sure which is worse, selling baby parts or killing a president. But shouldn’t Trump prosecute Ted’s dad? Should there not be a pledge to that end in the platform?

Speaking of Planned Parenthood: Trump has sung its praises. Maybe that should be in the platform, too.

The GOP nominee has said that former president George W. Bush lied this country into war. A weighty charge—a charge of murderous treason. That needs to be in the platform. Also, there is a whiff—at least a whiff—of 9/11 “trutherism” about the nominee. That should be in the platform, too.

It would be outrageous if there weren’t a stout defense of Putin. And a pledge to abandon Japan and South Korea. And to pull out of NATO. And to increase taxes. And the minimum wage.

Also, whatever you do, don’t forget a condemnation of trade.

Also, a pledge not to reform entitlements would be good. As Trump says, there is no need for such reform: All that needs to be done is to ferret out “waste, fraud, and abuse” in the government. That’s what the Democrats said back in Dukakis days. Republicans laughed at them. Now they are nominating that same view.

They are the new GOP. And I say, Come on, Republicans — new Republicans: Trump’s your man. Have the courage of your convictions. Let’s see them enshrined in your platform. You’re not a bunch of squishes and cucks, are you?

P.S. If Trump doesn’t perform his handicapped imitation at the convention for you, you’re being ripped off. Don’t go wobbly! Let Donald be Donald! Fight the PC!


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