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GOP Pre-Mortem

Glenn Reynolds has posted his. In short: If the GOP goes down, it’s because it had it coming.

Update: Oh yeah! Sayeth a reader:

And if it doen’t go down, it’s becuse it had it coming ? Insipid.   I give Dick Cheney’s advice to Leahy to all you boneheads who don’t have the courage to stand up for the only political party that responds to Conservatives, as the House did in refusing to support the ridiulous Amnesty bill from the Senate.   Many of you live in the Media and Beltway bubble. You actually shiver when the WaPo attacks relentlessly someone like George Allen. You buy into the smearing of Speaker Hastert. You care what your Liberal friends think of you because of your political beliefs.

What will the Dems do when they lose ? That’s the question.


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