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Is the GOP Primary Over?

K-Lo asks me to write a quick reaction after each primary night and I always agree, and she hasn’t noticed yet that I have been writing the same thing since late January: The race for the GOP nomination is still over. It has been over since Florida. There was no chance that the GOP was not going to nominate the winner of the Sunshine State primary as it is one of the two “absolutely must-have” states in the fall.

The other is Ohio, and Romney won there as well, which meant the race was still over after the Buckeye votes were counted. (By the way, OSU did just win the national championship — in fencing.)

But the Zombie Narrative of a brokered convention lives on in the minds of some, especially folks who have to write copy. Now, however, down-ticket candidates start to get very antsy about the diversion of time and money from not only the Romney national organization that will help win scores of close races in the fall, but also from their own efforts to raise money, network volunteers, and get the MSM’s attention. 

So who will be the last writer to write about the possibility of a brokered convention? That individual should get a prize. Perhaps participation in a bike-building exercise?

— Hugh Hewitt is the host of The Hugh Hewitt Show.


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