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GOP Reactions to Birth Certificate Release

Mitt Romney:

What President Obama should really be releasing is a jobs plan

Sarah Palin:

Media: admit it, Trump forced the issue. Now, don’t let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?

House speaker John Boehner’s spokesman Kevin Smith:

This has long been a settled issue. The Speaker’s focus is on cutting spending, lowering gas prices, and creating American jobs.

RNC chair Reince Priebus:

As I’ve repeatedly stated, this issue is a distraction. Our economy is strained from out of control deficits, debt, and unsustainable entitlements. The President ought to spend his time getting serious about repairing our economy, working with Republicans and focusing on the long term sustainability of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Unfortunately his campaign politics and talk about birth certificates is distracting him from our number one priority – our economy.

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich to Talking Points Memo:

All I would say is, why did it take so long? The whole thing is strange.

House majority leader Eric Cantor to Fox News:

I have criticized members of my own party for making this some kind of an issue and so I am really surprised that the White House is actually doing the same. … If the White House press secretary says that this is a sideshow, why aren’t we treating it as such and dealing with the bigger issues? … This is an issue that does not belong in the debate. There are much more important issues for us to be dealing with.

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