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GOP Reax

The Republican jury on the Hill questions how wise it was to have President Bush aggressively defend the White House’s position on WH aides testifying (though see WH counsel Fred Fielding’s letter as eminently reasonable).  Some think his “See you in court” statement, unlike Fielding’s offer, was confrontational and raises the stakes.  In general, they see the “scandal” as totally overblown but are unhappy with the drip, drip of e-mails that put GOP members in the position of making some assertion that is later contradicted.  There is much sympathy with the desire to protect the office of the presidency by properly asserting executive privlege.  The release of documents hasn’t waived any privlege and, of course, a previous President’s practice doesn’t bind the present one.  The prediction is that the Democrats have the votes to issue subpoenas and are enjoying themselves so much that is what they are expected to do later this week.

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