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GOP Rep.: House Would Impeach Obama if We Brought It for Vote

Representative Bill Flores claims that there are probably enough votes in the House to impeach President Obama, but it would be a hollow endeavor since it would not pass in the Senate. He warned that the political repercussions of it failing in the Senate could lead to Democrats’ taking back the House.

“I think [President Obama has] abused his power, but at the end of the day you have to say, if the House decides to impeach him, if the House had an impeachment vote, it would probably impeach the president,” the Texas Republican said at a town hall yesterday. But Flores cautioned supporters of impeachment that it would fail in the Senate. Not only would Senate Democrats not move to oust the president, but he wasn’t sure if all Republicans would support the effort either.​

“If you try and fail, are you willing to put Nancy Pelosi back in the speakership? I’m not,” Flores said.


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