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GOP Representatives Defend Boehner

Republican congressmen Mick Mulvaney and Steve LaTourette this morning defended house speaker John Boehner against charges that he’s lost control of the Republican caucus and, by extension, against speculation that his speakership may be vulnerable.

Mulvaney, who opposed Boehner’s ‘Plan B,’ said,”I think that the vote on Thursday is being portrayed as a vote on leadership, and it wasn’t, it was a vote on a specific piece of legislation.” LaTourette added, “The reason that John Boehner has trouble managing the House Republican Conference isn’t a lack of leadership, it’s because we have a lot of divergent opinions and he lets people participate, which wasn’t the case in the past.” 

The conservatives who were ousted from their committee posts by House leadership just weeks ago might have a different view of Boehner’s willingness to tolerate dissent in his caucus, but the views of Mulvaney and LaTourette are interesting nonetheless. 



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