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GOP Support for NIH is longstanding

Deroy Murdock has an important post about GOP support for the NIH and the CDC in recent years. I write to add only that the support is longstanding. Even as House Republicans cut domestic discretionary spending in toto for several years while balancing the budget in the 1990s (for the first time in three decades-plus), the Appropriations Committee under then-chairman Bob Livingston (my boss at the time), and its subcommittee chaired by John Porter of Illinois, went out of its way to increase funding for NIH (and Porter won several prestigious awards for his support for medical research). From 1994, when the GOP took over, through 1999, the appropriations for NIH were as follows (in thousands of dollars):  1994: 10,955,773. 1995: 11,299,522  1996: 11,927,562  1997: 12,740,843  1998: 13,674,843 1999: 15,629,156. Had the NIH merely kept up with inflation, the 199 figure would have been only $12.316 billion rather than $15.629 billion.

As Deroy noted, Republicans in recent years have provided more to NIH and CDC than President Obama has asked for.

It’s time for all media that reported otherwise to correct the record in places at least as prominent as their first reports. 


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