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Gore: Outside the Mainstream

Jonah, funnily enough, I don’t think smoking is mentioned as a first-order forcing in the National Academies’ report, Radiative Forcing of Climate Change.

But if he does really think that, I hope he’ll support CEI’s lawsuit against the racket entered into by State Attorneys-General and Big Tobbaco

On the subject of whether or not killing people is good if it reduces emissions – that seems to be the enviros’ position when it comes to fuel economy standards.  The NAS found that the introduction of CAFÉ standards raised the road accident death rate by 2000 fatalities a year because of reduced vehicle size.  Over 30 years, that’s one heck of a toll.  Yet the enviros want enforced fuel economy which means lighter cars and more dead bodies.  A small price to pay for reducing warming by 0.07 degrees by 2050.


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