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Got Another One

From a reader:

Hey Jonah

You got me with that article as well! I am an NRO-addict, and it was about

time that I shelled out on a NRDigital subscription and stopped freeloading

– I hope the cash is useful and the chaps at NRO are now able to splash out

on a new mug, or piece of fly paper.

The work that you all do is extremely important, and whilst this particular

Englishman finds some of the subjects that really seem to tug the chain of

you Yanks somewhat esoteric, the paper is well written, well thought out and

always entertaining. Thank you all.

You said you were in London next week – planning a beer-age session at all?

I am sure there are heaps of us in London who’d love to buy you a drink, or

Cosmo a sausage!

Best regards,



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