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Government Corruption Friday

In Chicago:

*Isaac Carothers, a close ally of Mayor Richard M. Daley, could soon become the 31st Chicago Alderman to be convicted on criminal charges since 1973. Far more interesting than his own troubles, though, is the revelation that Carothers has been wearing a wire for more than a year.

*Also indicted is developer Calvin Boender, who is close to Carothers and who made a controversial $200,000 loan to Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D, Ill.) after the congressman wrote a letter in support of a zoning change he sought. Boender is accused of bribing Ald. Carothers in order to get the same zoning change, which reportedly added about $6 million to the value of one of his properties.

In Washington:

*Rep. Pete Visclosky (D, Ind.) has been subpoenaed to present documents to the grand jury investigating the defunct PMA lobbying group.

*Amid allegations of fraud, the Pentagon has suspended defense contractor Bill Kuchera, who has close ties to (and has received $15 million in earmarks from) Rep. John Murtha (D, Pa.).


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