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‘Governor Romney Was a Great Friend to the Pro-Life Movement in Massachusetts’


In a web ad to be released by the Romney campaign Saturday morning, former U.S. ambassador to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon, a Romney adviser (who is speaking in New York tonight about “Politics as Vocation”), seeks to encourage pro-lifers about the former governor’s record in Massachusetts. 



In “Shares Our Values,” she says:

I’m Mary Ann Glendon and I am a founding member of Women Affirming Life and I have been active in the pro-life movement in Massachusetts and nationally for three decades. [Internationally, too.] The pro-life movement is all about changing hearts and minds and it struck me as very unfortunate that Mitt Romney has been criticized by some people for coming to a pro-life position on the basis of information. That’s what the pro-life movement is all about. Governor Romney showed great political courage and expended much of his political capital in supporting pro-life measures when he was here in Massachusetts. It was a very difficult political environment. 85 percent of the state legislature is Democrat controlled.

Governor Romney in that environment vetoed legislation that would have permitted destructive embryonic research; he vetoed legislation that would have permitted the over the counter sale of the morning after pill; he supported abstinence education in the  schools. 

Governor Romney was a great friend to the pro-life movement in Massachusetts. In a very difficult political environment, when many doors of the State House were closed to us, we always were welcomed by Governor Romney and his staff. He was a great pro-life governor and he will be a great pro-life president.

It’s an ad about encouraging and welcoming converts as much as it is a political ad for a candidate.


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