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Gowdy to Rice: ‘You Come Before This Committee and You Tell Us!”

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy let it rip at today’s House hearing on the Benghazi attacks, demanding answers from the administration and calling out Susan Rice and Jay Carney by name.  

I would like to have another hearing where we can ask Ambassador Rice under oath who told you what, when.  If you’re going to blame the intelligence community, you come before this committee and you tell us who told you it was a video!  Who in the intelligence community said it?  Who in the diplomatic community blamed this on a video?

Mr. Chairman, the American people are reasonable.  People understand investigations take time.  People don’t expect you to speculate until you have all the facts.  What they will not forgive, Mr. Chairman, is being misled.  We want our questions answered and I want them answered by the people that went before the American people and sought to mislead them by blaming this on a video when there is no evidence, concrete or otherwise, to support the assertions made by this administration. 

The video of Rep. Gowdy’s full speech is below. 

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